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run the same program twice

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You can open two chat windows at the same time.
With most chat programsI'm sure.

Is what you are wanting to do is log in with two different accounts?

Which chat program do you want to use?

cmpm: consider msn messenger - you might want to use one account for work-related contacts and another for friends/whatever.

hi f0dder, I wasn't the one wanting to do this two thing deal

i use Skype mostly

But I found this for yahoo-

then there is also trillian to play around with-


Seems there are web based messengers that might be able to help.
Sign in on the one on your computer and with a different sign in name use the web based one.

MSN requires you to turn off your popup blocker-that bites.

it isn't the best method, but I am using a program called virtual flash drive, and I installed a flashdrive os called mojopac on one of the virtual flashdrives, and now I can open multiple copies of any program whether it can do that or not.


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