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Ok, I have done a little updating, and was looking into making a built-in updating program, so i am going to make a somewhat proof-of-concept version of it for me to build on. I was thinking about hosting it on, so that may be another option (that way you can just run the update checker in EasyControl and get the new program with it!).

I will wait until CCleaner 2.0 comes out of beta, to update links and such, before posting the program (so not really a change or anything, just a notice). The new version looks really nice, they say it is 1/2 the size, faster and now even has the ability to go portable!

I am going to scan the net tomorrow for a new Registry Cleaner as well.

Is there anything anyone wants added (anything)? I have quite a bit of time to work on it, so if you have an idea it will probobly show up in the new version.

Just a short update for those who are interested,

If you head over to this page,
you can see that I have a LOT on my hands.

Regardless, EasyControl is still going to be my top priority (it is my largest and most used program).

I am trying to setup an updater system. While the code portion is not hard, finding the hosting space is. Don't be suprised if you run the updater on the next version and get the file "CompuTech EasyControl EasyInstall" from (the Maze Craze site).

I *may* go back to the freeware Tweak Now RegCleaner for registry cleaning. Eusing does a great job, but the nag screen auto-closing is kinda...defeats the purpose of it, and is (IMO) a slap in the face of the developer. I have had a good experience with RegCleaner, and the new version hopefully exceeds the last time/version I used.

BUG: This is kind of embarassing for me, as I just posted on my site that:


Yes, all my programs work under Windows XP, and Windows Vista. No compatability issues at all!"

When, while that is true, User Account Control seems to have a bit of a problem with Eusing and Advanced WindowsCare. I will have a little fix to disable UAC in the next version (yes, if you are on Vista you will have to disable UAC, or help me find a new, better program for the problematic ones. Sorry, but UAC isn't exactly a step forward in anything but anger problems :P).

Anyways, I am still not releasing any pictures of the new GUI interface, as I think I am going to fiddle some more and see if I can't clean it up further (sorting through almost 36 pages of code, to update and remove ONE THING!).

As always, post ideas/better programs/ideal additions/other things that could be done and anything else. I am about to check on CCleaners progress of development- I really want to see what the final product looks like :)!

OK, I am so extremely tempted to post screenshots...
Maybe just one won't hurt :P

I am done working on this version with 2 exceptions:

UAC Disabler (or at least instructions on how to do it)
New registry cleaner (I am scanning with Abexo right now- TweakNow has too many variables that require user input)

I did way too many changes to list, and a lot has changed (both viewable and not), but it just got a lot simpler.

Also, I am bundling everything I do into one central installer (10MB) so people don't have to hunt and peck for different programs and "this doesn't work" and "I get an error when I click <item>". If you read my fake virus thread you already know that I am not distributing that, and I had one other joke program I am not putting in.

Anyways, here is a screenshot of the new Main Menu for EasyControl. Enjoy!

Well, I have already posted in like 6 topics in the last 15 minutes, so why not another ;D

But anyways...

I am going to release a RC for anyone interested in trying it out. It will be on an external site because its too big, incase your wondering.

Please, if you DO download, PLEASE give feedback. I am half temped to rip apart all the programs and throw them all together right now because of the success I have had so far with the new "Control Panel" setup (CompleteControl) (although combining them all would improve how it worked, maintainability would drop to like a 1% chance of getting anything done, so I guess thats not an option ;D)

If you run EasyControl and notice that CCleaner doesnt open- relax. This is one of the probobly 500+ changes. It won't "open" but it will "open". (ex: It runs silently now)

If you run SimpleStart you will notice that only a few of the top programs from the "Top 3 programs you use" thread are in there. Don't worry. I have my 5 page list hovering over me like a big black storm cloud.

If you run WinFix (used to be Dr. Windows 2) then you will get an error message when "activate now" is pressed or if you wait for 30 minutes. There is a program bug, and dispite tinkering earlier today, I don't think it is repaired. (Just don't open WinFix).

MSN IM Clear WAS IM Clear and that is NOW EasyClear. (Confusing, but I am trying to make a central theme (Easy<what program does>); call me crazy, but thats what I am trying to do).

I have 3 tweaks I am going to do before calling this final, and they are as follows:

Fix WinFix
Add UAC disabler to EasyControl
Change registry cleaner

Feedback on how to set this up/what you think about the control panel type of idea is also welcome, its a dramatically new idea that I just took a swing at and it took off.

Enjoy! :Thmbsup:

Download here:

Anyone downloaded? Any feedback?

I am going to upload one final (Release Canidate) version in the next day or two, I have combined EasyHold and SimpleStart (now SimpleOpen) and EasyChat and EasyClear (that was IM Clear) to make EasyChat n Clear (I hate the name, hopefully I will come up with something less crummy, and fast).

A couple misc changes, and SimpleOpen will have the user-decided list of programs (see here: once I download, install, find, and input the default paths...

I am looking for complaints, anything...anything at all...I haven't gotten everything in yet so I would like to get things changed before I set stuff in stone.

I will post again with a link in the next day or so. :)


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