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And except for defragging the OS drive, I maintain my XP machine the same way, as far as cleaning crap goes.
-app103 (July 30, 2007, 11:39 AM)
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App, just to clarify :)
- you are saying that defragging XP-drive/partition is helpful ?
-tomos (July 30, 2007, 11:52 AM)
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Honestly, I don't know. I have only done it once in the 1.5 yrs I have owned this pc, and it didn't have any kind of slowness problem to begin with when I did it. And I didn't see any difference when it was done.

I did hold my breath the whole time, though, hoping it wouldn't kill XP like it did to ME.

It didn't.

So in conclusion, it didn't hurt. Can't say it helped either, though.

Interesting experience (with the ME), app. Mine is however somewhat different. Yesterday it was the third day since I last cleansed my reg', so I ran Eusing RegCleaner again. It found 1137 errors (because a lot of programs will leave all sorts behind when they are "uninstalled" - I will not think too hard about how many errors the reg' would have, did I not clean it regularly). Eusing did not and has not 'ever' caused any kind of mis-behaviour to my XP.

Edit: I remember several times when "cleaning" the reg'   using other "cleaners"   actually did cause harm - this post was merely to recommend the Eusing cleaner.

All I can say is from my experiences at work, but from what I have seen, registry cleaners don't really help much except maybe during startup.  When you have tons of dead links because the software did not uninstall everything (including registry files) the registry tries to find those links.  It takes a while for it to time out and go on, so if you have lots, it takes that much longer.  Short of that, I have never seen a need to clean the registry.

That said, I do so on an infrequent basis and can not remember it ever causing trouble, even with the defaults that so many people seem to have issue with.  The only time I ever have caused myself grief during this is when I told it to clean files it didn't consider safe or was unable to determine.  Safe files have never caused issue for me.

Defragmenting, on the other hand, has caused a wide range of issues, and has solved many problems.  My main experience has been that it is good because it speeds seek times significantly.  I even had a few machines (Win2K if it matters) that were over 98% fragmented when I got them because they would not start up.  After troubleshooting and booting to as a slave, we found them so fragmented that we thought, why not - try defragging them.  We did that and it brought them back to life.  I have heard MANY people say it is a waste of time and that it doesn't do anything, but my experiences tell me otherwise; though it needs to be REALLY bad before it is a problem.

Issues that have come from defragmenting almost always arise from one of two issues.  Either the drive is failing and the sector can not be read, or the defragmenter was stopped in the middle of the process and lost the file links.  Either way the links get lost and everything goes to pot.  However, these issues tend to be rare, and you may be able to recover the data before it is lost permanently if you recognize the problem and deal with it immediately before the data gets overwritten.

My last statement has to do with what constitutes a truly fragmented drive.  I have seen many defragmenters deal with organization in different ways.  What one defragmenter considers defragmented another will consider seriously fragmented.  I don't know which one is correct, and my suspicion is both are, they are just organized differently; but in the end, I think it matters more that the files are organized, and not HOW they are organized.  So to be "badly fragmented", IMO, means that most or all data is unorganized creating excessive reads to the hard drive because it is constantly searching for the next block in an area completely different from the last block.  My guess is that most hard drives rarely get that bad.

Could it be something else that explains my experiences?  Certainly.  However, I have not heard a good explaination of why these occur and what my actions did that could have been done differently to the same effect.

AHH! I just booted up my house (YAY) computer and am reading all the posts...*eyes spin*

5 years with no work on it isn't all that bad, but EasyCleaner shouldn't make problems...try the beta :-\

As far as I can tell, defragging does help (XP and Vista)

Eusing seems to run really well, although the nag screen thing has been bothering me from the start- not sure what to do though :huh:

Yea, the registry cleaning is mainly for old program links/extensions and such, but I think its necessary just to keep it as clean as possible. (I am picky about that :P)

-End Summarized Answers-

Anyone know of a different reg cleaner then, as that has been bugging me and its obviously doing the same to others. I will search for some and see if I can get a list, but at the moment I am working on my desktop, my dad's desktop, my dad's laptop, unpacking and so forth... :o

Update: I will release the EasyControl w/ DelEmpty in the next couple days in the latest build I have. I fixed a couple bugs (don't really remember what they were) but the addition of DelEmpty is a large boost (IMO).

@Skrommel: I will remove DelEmpty on request if you wish.

Also: I am removing the old downloads, as I forgot and people are getting wierd versions left and right. All users just download the new file coming and everything will be good. :Thmbsup:


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