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there is an excellent note plugin for farr called hamnotes.

Never got the hang of it, all those arguments \q \a  etc to write a simple note   just confusing for a dumbass like me.
Also sticky notes is what i really  like, and the one with keybreeze is awesome, with its timers etc.

if one of these stickies programs has a commandline callable interface to add notes, someone could easily make a farr alias to add sticky notes to it.

I was thinking about making a FARR plugin for Stickies for a while but came to the conclusion that there's not enough benefit of having one. If you want notes in FARR I guess hamnotes is as good as it gets. If not, Stickies offers global keyboard shortcuts and much more. Don't know if it has timers though.

Although I haven't used the following:

it appears there is an API (Windows Messages) for getting it to do various things:

There also appear to be various utilities for working with it -- on first glance it looks like there may be some kind of command line interfacing mentioned too:


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