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Drupal is f*cked

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-can you explain why on earth you keep using this program?

there is just no way to express in a human language how horribly horribly wrong configuring and maintaining drupal is.. i've experienced few things that are as convoluted and guaranteed to end in frustration and anger.
-mouser (September 23, 2010, 12:04 AM)
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Details ? Perhaps I can help ...

-can you explain why on earth you keep using this program?

-Curt (September 23, 2010, 12:41 PM)
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it's really hard/exhausting to explain what is so bad about drupal because the suckiness pervades it so deeply in every crevice of it's configuration.

i think part of the problem is that it is trying to be so powerful and so flexible, and let you do everything, that it ends up making EVERYTHING difficult and confused.  almost everything you might want to change involves make a handful of carefully coordinated changes in spread out options that are almost impossible to find -- one failure in any of these different places results in things not working, with little clue as to why.

as for why i "keep" using it -- i've actually used it now on 2 projects that involve me creating serious custom modules for it -- and i chose it because i keep thinking that just over the hill i'm going to reach a point where i appreciate the logic of drupal.  but in fact i just keep getting more and more frustrated.

it's just so convoluted.

one cannot help but be incredibly impressed by the complexity and power of some of the stuff created for drupal, like the Views module -- but it's the perfect example of why the best solution is often to not try to make some gigantous perverted infrastructure and custom api/language for doing things -- and instead go with a simpler mechanism for letting a coder do a coder's job when custom stuff needs to be done.  it's a good lesson that when you try to do everything, you end up making it hard to do anything.

If you contrast Drupal with a commercial content management system that is dead basic and easy to install and implement - e.g., MCMS (Microsoft Content Management Server) - then you can see the difference in stark relief.
I managed a project to install MCMS for a client - at a time when I knew nothing about MCMS. It all went without a hitch. I was very impressed with the product - and I do not sing Microsoft's praises very often.
See for yourself - the MCMS site is here: Powerco (New Zealand)

If you contrast Drupal with another open source CMS, then again you might see the difference in stark relief.
For example, you can see a Plone site here: Aiglon College
(IMHO that is a nice and effective website, and with pretty good ergonomics too.)


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