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Quizo QTTabbar

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I do something similar using Locate. 

I use SlickRun and type find, search, or locate and then the terms and in about 3 seconds I have my results. I don't know if you can do this with QTToolbar. Would be cool though.

..., given that QTToolbar2 only searches the current folder it's very extensive custom search options really seems overkill.
-Nod5 (April 12, 2007, 03:19 AM)
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I have only had this machine for a month, so I don't really use Search, yet - I know where the little stuff I have so far is located - but please don't forget that QT will search the entire PC as well, if you want it to. But of course you're right; it really should search subfolders too.

I guess there aren't any comments since most of us that would use this kind of extended functionality have already moved to an explorer replacement... -f0dder (April 11, 2007, 03:34 AM)
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Having read "Getting to know Directory Opus" I can understand what you mean. I never cared for such programs before because of their asking prices, but this Directory Opus 9 is awesome!

- and so is the price.   :(

Here's a Tango theme for QT TabBar.

*I should mention that if you want to use these then you must right click on QT's toolbar > Customize > Browse Image > then point to wherever you want to save this PNG file. Your toolbar buttons will then look like this:

Wow, Nighted; from very good looking to even better looking!


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