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Fun Quiz

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Well, my scores varied on the different tests. All the way from 2 to 8. Man... I really burned on one there...

6/10, 5/10, 10/10, 8/10, 13/16, 8/12

I'm still trying to find a definition of the word gullible - it's not in my dictionary?

Drat! I've just realized that I only did the history and culture test - I'll have to do the others later... So, for now, 7/10 on history and culture and DNW the others.

All right, here goes:

History 7/10
Science 8/10
Photos 1 6/10
Photos 2 4/10
Photos 3 7/10
Photos 4 5/10
April Fools 12/16
Christmas 9/12

Didn't do so well on the photos!


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