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SuperboyAC's DC blog #3 (My Unique Data Backup Solution)

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BTW, any chance of us DC members getting a discount on Tivoli ?  :)

@ superboyac:

Interesting indeed.

You probably remember that I've come up with a similar solution ( Mine might be a bit more complicated as I do incremental backups at least everyday on 2 different HDs (and sometimes many times a day on my thumbdrive)  -- I must say that it's not exactly the typical "incremental backup" because I work with SyncBackSE (my increments copies of the last files modified since the last incremental backup -- zipped). But it works, and it works really well : I've had to recover files 3 times because of BSODs (and other weird accidents) this month, and it was just a matter of minutes. You could probably achieve the same results with any capable (and maybe .... faster...) software solution -- like Super Flexible File Synchronizer. The incremental strategy might be a bit different though.

Having multiple copies of a file is absolutely essential in a backup solution. You never know what's going to happen. You could be working for three weeks, and only then realize that an important file you haven't recently opened is corrupted... Or you could realize that a part in a paper you’re working on everyday is... missing (accidentally erased, for ex.).

As for your files being huge music files -- and you probably are aware of that more than I am -- there are ways to copy only the modified portion of files in some backup (or sync) solutions. Super Flexible File Synchronizer offers that -- I've posted about that on the thread concerning Delta Backup and other related stuff.

@johnfdeluca :

I'm about to do the same thing : use a "network attached external drive." So that I can easily share the backup drive with my girlfriend -- we're both using laptops.


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