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Last post Author Topic: Multi-browser Bookmark Synchronization Tool and Other Multi-Browser Ideas?  (Read 31353 times)

Carol Haynes

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I know it has been mentioned elsewhere but no one has mentioned Bookmark Buddy in this thread. I really quite like it and it is pretty quick and easy to use with multiple browsers. See http://www.bookmarkbuddy.net/


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miTaggedMarks works similarly to Powermarks - I've registered and used both.  The extra panels and tabs in the miTaggedMarks GUI make some tagging and organising tasks easier than Powermarks, but I find Powermarks easier to use for retrieving bookmarks.


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I did try linkstash because I expect to buy clipcache one of these days, it is still the clipboard manager that works best with me. although most of the time i do all right with simpler tools. But i prefer the other 2 products I will go with one of them

Linkman: I really like the small toolbar that linkman leaves at the bottom of the screen, I can see that having this I might just use it and never use my browser's bookmarks. When I had it on I would actually click on that to add a bookmark instead of my browser's add and I loved how it warned me of duplicates. It was also as-you-type search always visible but without using much space.
I also kind of like the idea that you can have your browser's bookmarks open in the second pane, so you can control the synchronisation, but in practice I just don't seem to get around to using it, anduse that bit less than in a tool with preview or properties.
It is quite fast and powerful, the search worked really well, has all the tools I could think of needing. I only miss an internal quick view browser, somehow it helps me when checking bookmarks as it reminds me what the site was. There are a lot more features which I am not at all sure what they mean or how useful they are, but that's just typical of me 

Link Commander: I find link commander quite intuitive to use for management, in a way more so than linkman. Somehow I just *like* it better. It integrates very well with opera, i can even look up the history or list of all open tabs, live, and allow me to bookmark them in bulk. It was very easy to clean, move, manage the bookmarks, but unlike linkman I didnt find myself using it to add the bookmarks while browsing. On the other hand the build in browser comes in handy for me, and it keeps a screenie if i want it, and I found I did spend a bit more time getting keywords and meta information than I ever did with linkman - in summary I used it only for managing/cleaning the bookmarks, but I used it more as it made that bit feel easier.

So I used linkman more when in conjunction with my browser, and link commander more for the move-tag-check of links. Ugh, need more cash to spend!

So is anyone in DC using either Outertech's linkman and Resort Labs' link commander who could tell me how they fare in long term use?

PS: sorry for continuing the hijack of mouser's thread, should have put my question in another thread but this was the most recent mentioning bookmark managers
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I tried really hard to like website watcher but it's just not made for me - on paper I should just love it but it's too much setup work and then it still managed to puzzle me. Mostly I have tons of bookmarks I check once in a blue moon and just want for reference so I can find them again, and a tiny number of sites i check regularly. It was just too much work to set them all up so it wouldnt show me whenever things i am not interested in are changed...

I agree that WebSite-Watcher isn't made specifically as a bookmark tool, only suggesting it because I thought you had it anyway.  But, I don't think it's hard to use for its main job.  All you need do is put the bookmarks you check often into a folder by drag-and-drop or whatever, and press F9 on that folder when you want its contents checked.  All your other pages can go in an "Inactive" folder, left alone until needed again.


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I used LinkStash for a long time, but gave it up after realizing that I just am not able to make use of the folder based structure. Then I shifted to PowerMarks and the simplicity, + power + tag based structure made me fall in love with it.

However now that PowerMarks will not be updated, and will never have a portable version. I am once again on the lookout for an alternative.

miTaggedMarks came the closest, with a powermarks import utility, and a portable version, but is much more troublesome to use than PowerMarks, especially when it comes to entering tags.

The new LinkStash 2 is much better with a good tag & search system, but I do not understand why it does not allow one to update the existing bookmark, if one tries to enter a pre-existing address again, instead of giving a very inflexible "duplicated bookmark" warning.

"Portable Bookmarks" looks nice but does not have the possibility to enter longer description/notes as is the case with the above two programs.

I do wish that someone revives PowerMarks or that LinkStash lets one simply update existing bookmarks instead of shouting about duplication.

Outertech Support

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Re: Multi-browser Bookmark Synchronization Tool and Other Multi-Browser Ideas?
« Reply #30 on: November 10, 2008, 02:00:12 AM »
Just released Linkman 7.60 (Freeware and Shareware versions available).

Here is a screenshot of the Firefox 3 integration (IE intergration is similar to this).


100 Page PDF Manual: http://www.outertech...om/files/linkman.pdf

More information here:

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