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Update of FarrFox Plugin (v1.03.01) for FARR v2 - Mar 29th, 2007

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yes, you're right.. the url with the zip file works fine.. :up:

Is there a previous version of this that works with v1 of FARR?

Unfortunatelly, the answer is no.
Only v2 supports plugins. Still, you're better off with v2 anyways, because it'll do everything v1 does and more ;)

Mr Ploppy:

Plugin works fine if I prefix search with "ff", but have been wondering:

Is there a way to add the FireFox bookmarks to the default search folders so that I can give it a score and the bookmarks will pop up in my regular non-alias searches?

Any help would be much appreciated.



currently there is no way to do it, but i'll consider adding it as an option.


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