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Update of FarrFox Plugin (v1.03.01) for FARR v2 - Mar 29th, 2007

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Mr Ploppy:
That would be great. Thanks!


Any chance this can be tweaked to work with Firefox's gmarks plugin?  I can't remember the last time I bookmark'd anything in Firefox/IE, I live and die by my Google bookmakrs!!

If you're unfamiliar with what plugin I'm talking about you can find it here


Edit: I second the request to give scoring weight to the bookmarks, if I understood the person a few posts up. Also fixed the url/link typo.

Great plugin.

One issue - I've tried to disable opera and IE favorites from the advanced options, but it doesn't take.  As soon as I go back into the advanced options, the checkboxes are checked again.  Is it a known issue?

Actually i think this may be a bug -- i'm going to finally have some time to work on my dc programs in april so look for some major updates around then.

I find the startup scan to be kind of annoying, can't you make a small index so you don't have to search every time? Cause it seems it's searching every time farr is restarted :)


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