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I'm a non-techie who downloaded DCTiles and I'd be SO grateful if one of you


BigBrains could help me with what is probably an easy problem to solve.  For you, that is.  (For the record, I emailed the developer of the software, "tekzel," but he has not responded.) 

For a while the game was working almost perfectly.  Now and then I would click on a tile and it would not "turn over" for whatever reason, which made the game impossible to finish, so I would just have to quit.  But that only happened maybe 10% of the time.

I happily spent many hours whittling down family photos for use as tile images and reached my goal of 100 customized images several days ago.  Ah, ready at last to send to my 8-year-old and 4-year-old nieces, I thought.

Now, however, every time I attempt to play the game, it seems to begin all right.  That is, it asks me to select the tile size and array size.  I do, but then when I click "Ok" I get an error message:  "Unhandled exception has occurred in the application."  There is an option to click "continue," but that doesn't do any good.  There is a "more information" drop-down, but it's a sea of TechSpeak that is way beyond me.  Finally, at the bottom of the error box is the information "Index was outside the bounds of the array."

If anyone knows what's going on here AND can explain to me -- in lay person's English -- how to fix the problem, I will be truly and mightily thankful.

I'm quite sure tekzel will help solve this problem, i'll email him myself to make sure he sees the message.
I suspect the quickest way to solve the problem is to zip up the collection of images you have so he can test them exactly as you are running yours and then he'll be able to reproduce and solve the problem.

Much obliged, Mr. m.


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