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This is how I look at if from an a conceptual level...
There are 2 problems we're faced dealing with programs and files in general...
- finding/launching them in the shortest time/effort possible.
- Organizing them.
FARR is the only one I've seen that handles both with most efficiency. It is not enough for me to launch a program fast as most of these launchers do pretty good. The organization aspect is not any less important and this is why I abandoned TypeAndRun and SlickRun. Often times, I need to know what editors I have and be able to use any on the spot. Another example is to know what search engines I have and use any as the the need dictates right then. This organizational aspect is overlooked by command line tools which is the primary focus of their GUI counterparts via the use of folders and trees. FARR came with the concept of aliases where you can group your files and even sub-search them, pass arguments to them, and launch dynamically at usage time. Up to this date, I have not seen any command line tool that offers this features with such strength.

Hi, in about an year a lot of apps appeared doing the same thing.
You can check here a review about quick launch apps.

I've been using SR for a very long time! I still use it but I lost confidence in one of its handy features. It has a "JOT" command that lets you type quick notes. I used it to save things like passwords, phone numbers and so on.

One day, as I was typing, I hit some key or keys by mistake (maybe the CTRL key was involved) and, to my astonishment, all of my notes were immediately trashed. I was given no option to confirm that I  wanted to delete them. They were just gone with no backup. The worst part was that it was impossible to recover them.

IMHO, there should be no way for that to happen.

You can check here a review about quick launch apps.
-jeff2008 (January 19, 2009, 01:15 PM)
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A list of just five apps with one screenshot apiece and no comments scarcely qualifies as a review...  Doesn't even mention Colibri, Executor or MCL, to name but three more.

SR ... has a "JOT" command ... all of my notes were immediately trashed.
-tide (January 20, 2009, 03:05 AM)
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You might want to look at Horst Schaeffer's MemPad with "Pages locked by default" in Settings.  You'd probably want to set up an SR alias to run it, and it wouldn't be quite as seamless,  but it should keep your notes more securely.  And make sure you back everything up...  :(


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