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roboform2go or sticky password?

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I have tried both of these products..Sticky Password didn't work to well on my computer I got it free from Give Away of the Day.  If you a looking for another free password manager and form filler try Al Pass from here

I have used Roboform2Go for over a year and would not be without it.  It is worth every penny.
It is probably the most useful program I have.


$39 for roboform portable is a bit steep.
-urlwolf (March 04, 2007, 05:18 PM)
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You must have missed the DC discount (some while ago now).

The KeePass plugins carry the following warning:

--- End quote ---

You probably wouldn't need them very badly.  The only one I've seen is written in compiled AutoIt to help speed up form-filling. You get source code, but it only works with IE, not with other browsers, because only IE has the API.  With Firefox, you just have to click in the first box, Alt-Tab back to KeePass and press Ctrl-V.

I have only 5 columns of logins in RoboForm but couldn't bear to be without it.
As no other tool has the ability to import from RoboForm its not likely I'll change.

I second the opinion on Opera. RoboForm is why I didn't get past the first day of trying it out.

In contrast, I wouldn't give up Opera for anything.


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