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Firewalls - please, i can't be bothered.

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I've been using Blackice defender -biox (March 11, 2007, 10:56 PM)
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Link to BlackIce  ;)

Welcome at DC, biox  :up:-Curt (March 12, 2007, 02:36 AM)
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Thanks for both, the link and the welcome. I've been reading this board for centuries but never posted.

Anyone else finding that the latest build of ZoneAlarm Pro takes about five minutes (or more) to start up?-darwin
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Yeah, I think it's a bit slower but 5 minutes??? :huh:

I work a lot at night (GMT+8) and get roughly every 4-5 sec a hacking attempt or at least a port scan, most of them can be back traced to my service provider. :D I was thinking about using Blackice on the other one too but then again I got the whole ZA security suite on that one. Would be quite a waste of money.

ZA's spy scan is pretty weak so I use AVG spy. ZA gave me an incompatibility warning when I upgraded. Had to un-install AVG, let ZA finish and re-install AVG. Seems to work now.

I tried out BlackIce briefly, but it bogged down my system and caused a couple of BSODs, so I removed it again. Dunno if it conflicted with NOD32 (or did I run Kaspersky at that time?), but I wasn't impressed  :-\-f0dder (March 12, 2007, 06:50 AM)
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Didn't do this to me. I ran it together with McAfee and Ewido v.?old.

It really will depend on what you are trying to do on your machine but Sygate really didn't work well with what i was doing - and i wasn't doing anything particularly weird. similar problems were encountered on other peoples machines i know of.

but, i'm sure it's a very good firewall for a vast number of people.
-nudone (March 11, 2007, 01:56 AM)
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hi, i'm the author of that blog entry 'the little firewall that could'. i'm curious what problems you had with sygate. i regularly run uTorrent, have used the Tor/onion network, i ssh into my server all day/every day, and in general do everything one can do over an internet connection, and Sygate has never been a problem. when you first install it, you spend a fair amount of time 'approving' applications that are allowed to send TCP/IP packets, but once you've approved the app, it stays approved. I have a symmetric 2mbit connection, and can saturate the link easily. i've done speed tests with sygate installed and without, and there's no difference.

yeah, yeah, i'm shaking my pom-pons for sygate, just like in the blog entry. oh well. there's been software out there that's caused me problems yet others have reported none, so i guess it's 'just one of those things'...

anastrophe, i'll put sygate back on my machine later in the week and let you know how things go. if i get chance to do it sooner then i will try. the problem was always utorrent related - or maybe it was emule - one of those but it definitely had the same problem on other peoples machines.


BIG APPOLOGIES to everyone that mentioned sygate firewall - i've just realised it was the 'kerio' firewall that i'd tried and NOT sygate at all.

you can still get sygate firewall from it sounds like from what anastrophe has said that i shouldn't have any problem using it but i'll still not have chance to try until later in the week.

If you have no luck finding free software that does what you want, you could try Symantec Client Firewall which is what I use. It does quite a few things, but amongst them is the capability to monitor applications as they try and make contact with an external address and give you the opportunity to approve or deny access, permanently or temporarily, for each application. It's very easy to use - and I'm not an expert.

Good luck with your search!



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