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Firewalls - please, i can't be bothered.

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Many people still have not upgraded to SP2 and could not care less.
-dk70 (March 04, 2007, 11:40 AM)
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And if those people aren't behind a NAT, it's their own fault when they get hit by the same-old worm, and they shouldn't whine and bitch about security.

-f0dder (March 04, 2007, 11:46 AM)
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Who cares, they just reformat :) Probably those aware of security who cry/shake head. The Myspace banner virus or what it was only affected people on unpatched XPs. Tons of people got caught, Sad but just the way it is. 3rd party firewalls is like ages beyond this problem and those related (with some imagination I think those users approach to cracks, warez, porn, p2p etc. is easy to guess). Those not in direct danger get scared by such stories and barricade them self even more, heh. Business play on this of course.

thanks for looking into the file sharing side of things, iphigenie.

i'd tried setting up a few rules inside 'pc tools firewall plus' using the tcp and udp ports specified by microsoft but it made not one jot of difference. i shall try your recommendations later what i get chance as they sound very likely to work.
-nudone (March 04, 2007, 09:31 AM)
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Have you had any luck after unblocking those two rules?

iphigenie, i'm sorry, but i haven't yet tried.

i was going to, but i sort of completely gave up altogether when i found that 'pc tools firewall plus' didn't like the rules i put in to allow utorrent through.

you'd think it obvious - state the port that utorrent uses and away you go. well, this particular firewall requires more - but what i have no idea. i don't mind trying to figure these things out but in the end i just have to think what's the point - zone alarm works so i'll just keep using it and recommending it to everyone else.

no need to be sorry  :P, i was just curious whether you'd made it work or not

i haven't tried it but just from reading that thread it seems to me pc tools has some "cryptic" default rules which block a lot but don't necessarily make it obvious to you what they do without opening each rule to figure it out. I mean what would you guess hides behind a rule called "Block winNuke" - I sure wouldn't. Probably one of those rules is overriding your torrent rule...

In a way that's why i like the "simple" rules based firewalls - one rule per line... at least there i can figure out what happens.

Although at the moment i'm just using the fw that came with bitdefender, so I really can't brag much about my clever choice of firewall. It's not bad, app+protocol+direction+port+IP based filter, but without any sort of checksum on the executables, i think. My biggest gripe with it is the absence of log... totally stupid oversight in a firewall!

But I am too lazy to switch to a standalone product.

Here's someone's experience with Sygate:

The Little Firewall That Could | klaatu

And someone on this board posted a positive review:
Sygate - Very Strong Firewall

I've not tried it yet myself as I'm still OK with Windows Firewall.


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