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FARR Occasional Hangs

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I can see the it stores my aliases, groups, and search folders. This is what happened...

1- shutdown farr
2- renamed ini file.
3- start farr
4- I do no remember seeing this file recreated.
5- renamed file in step 2 back to original.
6- shutdown farr
7- start farr
9- when I examined ini file, all my aliases and customization were gone.

So the ini file I have now is default. When I checked options, everything was back to default. I'm currently building it back again as it was. If this hang happens again, I will make sure I save a copy in a safe place.

in step 6, when you exited, it saved current settings and thus overwrote your old file :('
perhaps it is time for me to have farr save backups.

Just an update. Since my original ini file was overwritten (it was not a big deal), I have not had this hanging issue return. It has been 2 days and FARR is running like a horse shshhshs

FARR 2.00.56 hung again. I noticed the following ...
- it happens everytime I add/edit/remove a number of aliases.
- Issue resolves when removing existing ini and starting with a new one.

I already emailed you the bad ini file.


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