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FileHamster - auto incremental file monitor/backup as you work - and free!

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I'm willing to be they will let you "upgrade" for the difference since you purchased so recently.

"ALL future features and enhancements" sounds like it might include those plugins.

Upgrade to FileHamster +plus only $19.95!
New Features Include:

    * WatchTree filters
    * WatchTree enhancements
    * Enhanced network and removable drive support
    * Offline libraries
    * Customized OpenWith menu
    * Full UNC support
    * Adjust SubFolder properties within a watch
    * And ALL future features and enhancements...
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I'm sure they wont mind me quoting their response to my query about what direction they taking:
We have always planned on a continuous rollout of new features and enhancements to FileHamster in the form of paid plugins.  In addition to those plugins we are also planning on continued addition to the plus version of FileHamster.  As for the free version, minus bug fixes, we hope to suspend any further changes.

      Currently we have the following plugins in testing:

            TeamPlugin – Gives FH the ability to work with a shared library across a network.

            ScriptPlugin – Gives FH the ability to add scripted events to each completed revision.

            ReplicationPlugin – Gives FH the ability to replicate revisions to secondary locations each time a revision occurs.

            AdvancedZip – Gives FH the ability to delta or patch zip revisions.sounds okay to me* -
they interested in the idea of being able to make an exportable report as well
so i happy

*EDIT: I mean it sounds fair enough to me -
"As for the free version, minus bug fixes, we hope to suspend any further changes."
cause it works very well as is, I dont know if I even need any of the capability of paid version
Presumably new plugins (paid or free) will work with the free version

I like what they are doing and the +Plus additions are useful. I just threw $19.95 at them for a lifetime license.  :Thmbsup:

And is possible to setup that instead of versioning each time I save the file, I can push the program to capture it? I mean, like a CVS or something but locally and faster. If not, exists some other program that does that?
-Dr-Leech (February 23, 2007, 01:44 PM)
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I see that this is a question from 8 months ago, but just for the record, Subversion can run locally, and with TortoiseSVN it works beautifully.  :-*


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