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I agree that outlining is very important, esp. if you write long, complex documents.

The best description of outliner features I know is from Ted Goranson's ATPM series (Mac-centric, but you'll get the idea):

Unfortunately, no power outliner I know supports footnotes, which immediately defeats its usability for academic papers. So you have to stick with what comes with a word processor like word (and doesn't support features like clonig, hoisting et al.).

Odd...I'd completely forgotten about OO's (in)abilities when it comes to outlining. I write papers and articles; building an outline first is just second nature. I'll add that I'm very comfortable with MS Office 2003, especially after beta testing Office 2007. Even if someone gave me the Suite, I'd use the "ribbon" to tie it up and give it back! lol.


Okay this made me very curious now. What is The Reference when it comes to outliner applications? I tried searching for it but I keep encountering PIMs and related stuff.

I have used some outliners, from plain text (vim outliner) to pretty specialized ones.

I think the best outliner there is is oneNote. it does vertical and horizontal outlining.

The word outliner is not bad, believe it or not.

If I had to use only one it would be (amazingly enough) MS Word.

I too have experimented with many, many outliners over the years.  Here's my current usage pattern:

For developing Ideas - Treepad Plus

For refining, formatting and presenting - MS Word

You can buy a nice converter to change Treepad Outlines into Word outlines - the developer actually tailored it to my request.
ABC Amber Treepad Converter $20

There's a good free converter to go from word to Treepad also


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