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Newsletter for February 7th, 2007 - Codename "Helping Hands"

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rubensf: don't forget the e-mails!
here they are: [email protected] and [email protected]

[edit] I'm starting to wonder... Won't this page become a spam spider delight? [/edit]

I suggest Locate, by Janne Huttunen. Now at v.
SpoilerLocate Publisher's Description:
Locate saves names of all files in your hard drives to file database.
After that you can locate files.
This program works like updatedb and locate in Unix systems.
Win32 based locating program also included.
Web page at:

This is to express my appreciation of your excellent program, 'Locate'. It was brought to my attention by a knowledgeable group of users on  I find it very useful.  Thanks!
--- End quote ---
Author contact:

#2 is not for me (Sign up at the social webpage rating site :huh:

I'm starting to wonder... Won't this page become a spam spider delight?
--- End quote ---
Good point.  It's best not to put emails on this page but point to the authors webpage where there email can be found.  it certainly would be ironic if instead of thanks we brought them spam :(

Or maybe we can use a program to conver the emails to pics or something?

It's actually a good idea for a mod to the forum to obfuscate emails automatically - perhaps i will write it.  but for now lets replace the email links with links to the web page with email address.

My vote for freeware author is Jim Wilsher .The others mentioned here are highly deserving in praise as well - and let's not forget mouser and the rest of the donatinocoders in this group too! Despite this: So who wants to nominate some freeware authors (not on DC!) who we should email a thank you to as our Cody Club task this week?
--- End quote ---
Jim is the developer of Bulk Rename Utility and is very approachable and helpful. BRU is also the best renamer that I know of, so check it and him out!

Yup, BRU is a very worthwhile and capable program!  Not that long ago, when I was making particularly heavy use of BRU, I finally got around to sending Jim a donation.


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