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A Reminder: postcards for donators



"Many of the visitors to are from overseas, and even though PayPal, the donation payment system we use, tries to do a good job of supporting overseas payments, we understand that it takes an extra bit of time and effort to make a donation from overseas.

So, to show you how much we appreciate the extra time and effort on your part in making a donation from overseas, we will make you a deal.

If you make a donation from overseas, and you would like a postcard from the United States, just provide your mailing address and a comment saying "please send me a postcard", and one of us will personally send you a postcard with a little thank you message from (postcard pictures may be of random animals or inanimate objects from our office)."
--- End quote ---

domestic donators who also want a special postcard from my cat may also request them - i will leave it up to my cat to decide whether or not to send these, on a case by case basis ;)


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