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FARR: One Commandbox to rule them all...

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I have a vision of FARR: One Box that I can input text and that then transfers the input to either

- start a programm (like FARR does now)
- open a folder (like FARR does now)
- transfers to input my favorite desktop searchengine (e.g. Copernic Desktop Search, Google, or Locate)
- transfers the input to my favorite command line (e.g. monash)
- transfers the input to the inbuild Opera Mail Search

any other box I put my mind to  (= some sort of a plugin system; Launchy has e.g. a plugin for Firefox favorites)
One could e.g. work with prefixes (like "S" for search, "C" for command, etc.)

See what I'm up to? Something like Finder on Mac in advanced...
You only have FARR to start stuff, search for stuff etc... FARR would just pass on input to other search boxes on the computer
Because I don't like all those boxes on my desktop.

Would that be possible?



plugins are coming in the next release..
that might end up being the easiest way to interface with the desktop search engines also.

great news!

Something like Finder on Mac in advanced...
--- End quote ---
sorry, what does that do? the Finder in Mac, i mean..

sorry, I meant SPOTLIGHT
it's one box on the top right, searches a full-text index, the start menu, everything.
so it's a search-engine-program-starter-one-in-all-thingy


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