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MS Word2000?

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Word 2k does jump to 100% on my computer, for the lammest reason ever. Suddenly, the ms installer had a problem when i installed a program recently. The installer would try to install office every time i ran that program. I used a program to remove the install files of office, and now every office program uses 100% of processor..  ;D ;D
-jgpaiva (February 20, 2007, 10:33 AM)
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Did you use any of those cleaning programs? Some of them mess up Windows Installer stuff badly, especially for office (and other apps) that can install features on demand...

Yeah, good thing i don't need word anyways, only to check stuff people send me in emails ;)
No, i used one of those "microsoft installer fixers", which can be found in this thread.

hi all,
...well, i have, quite honestly, simply never looked into it in detail, just learned to live with it (can't be bothered to fiddle around with billy gates' the worst cases, i simply switch over to OpenOffice).
so, sorry, i'm still wondering whether maybe one of the other ProcessTamer users _has_ some settings for MS Word2000 which work.
thanks for any advice,

Carol Haynes:
My experience of Office installers (2000, 2002 and 2003) is that if things get screwed there is only one real solution and that is to reinstall Windows and Office from scratch on a clean partition. No amount of fiddling ever seems to make a bad Office install better IME.

Best advice I can give is to do a reinstall and make sure you get a snapshot image before you do anything else so that you can always quickly install again in the future.


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