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Google Ads are gone from the site once more.. Confirmed

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Just an update to confirm that after a little over a week of trying google ads on the site we decided to remove them again, at least for another year.

The reason: They are not good.

To go into it a little more: They ugly up the site and give us back a few measly dollars per day in return for making us a walking billboard for other peoples businesses.

In truth the google ads are not all that unattractive and don't distract all that much from the site content - but it's kind of a dirty feeling to be having these ads up all over our site and then checking to see how much money google has mysteriously decided to give us at the end of the day.

Most of all, I think we can find a more creative way to use our own web space, in a way that we feel good about.  In addition to the CodyQuote boxes that have been up on the site for a while, we are going to be adding some new stuff like random program screenshots, and our own little site "banners", and other fun stuff.

And soon we will also show random little banners for supporting member web pages and projects (we won't be charging for this - we do not want to get into the advertising businesses), so we will have some rules about what we add links to.

Thanks for your support and patience during our experimentation.  Any further ideas are welcome.  :up:


CodyQuote PRO is the way to go!  :-* :-* :-*

Err, crazy idea...

How about making a separate page inside DonationCoder, composed of Google Ads offers?

(I told you, it's just crazy)

You can't.  That would be againt the TOS of Google Adsense.

I suppose there should be an obstacle...


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