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Can DimSaver become DimScreen?

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nudone, try this:  DimScreenMod


* Multiple monitor support.

wow DimScreen works great here on dual monitor desktop, thanx for it! :-))

buw why it now works from 0..1..2..3-100% ?? i would prefer just 10 settings that everyone can set up.. i need something like 50%, 75% and 100% and i use ctrl-alt-+/- to control.

something like: "if already 0% and press-agin" then "vesa mode -> monitors off/stand-by" would be great too. i use a other tool called "mon_off.exe" for this but it prompts everytime a checkbox first....

or a command-line option for dimscreen?? :) "dimscreen.exe /off" .. ? i would like "dimscreen.exe /50" for 50% too :)..

bye, adam

idiot shitfucker:
Does this thing actually save battery life or does it just sort of put a translucent black box over the screen?

Is there anyway to dim the task bar items and the windows menues after you click on them?  This is a pretty cool utility.

More...  The dim screen dims most of the desktop but not the taskbar or menu items like when you click on the file, edit, view favorites tools or help menu from internet explorer.  so I end up getting a bright menu that flies out all the time.  Also when I hit the alt tab to swich screens I get the bright screen.



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