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Can DimSaver become DimScreen?

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It would really be nifty to get same dimming function in DimSaver and apply it to the screen while I am *using* my computer.

I'd already be happy to have a DimSaver version that would run perfectly, without any glitches :-[

 :) Have you tried VoluMouse from It will let you change the brightness of your screen by rolling the mouse wheel over the taskbar. You can't go pitch black, but it might be good enough.


Thanks, Skrommel.  Yes, I tried it (Thanks for the link), but it didn't really give me what I was after.

 :) Try this one.

DimScreen - Dim the whole screen.

- Change the brightness by selecting a % in the tray menu.
- Doesn't work properly with video windows.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.

It's far from perfect, slowing things down, and things are popping through, but it could work for example in night time navigation apps.



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