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IDEA: Grayscaled area of desktop

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I have a program that is resident on my desktop, and a section defies the transparency settings the program provides.  I've set the font to a nice subliminal gray, but the icon, albeit small, is still distracting.  I imagine programming a section of the desktop to show in grayscale and then hidden when an active window opens.   An easier way might be to just create a slight increase in transparency in the set area.  The icon is 16X16 and might not even be noticed when the active window opens over it.  Would this be a worthwhile project for the programmers there?  Would I be the only beneficiary?  The program tells me my todo lists, etc., but could be useful for system monitors I've seen on some desktops, or a weather program with a stupid smiling sun, or something like that.

 :) Have you tried ResHacker at Using this tool you should be able to change the icon.


Thanks skrommel, but Reshacker didn't work on this one.  It's an icon attached to Outlook, and I found security built in, probably because they deal with emails, which I don't use it for.  I've got basically every icon in my startmenu switched with Reshacker, so I'm very familiar with it. 

I'm not sure if it could solve it, but why don't you just hide the icon?
(i don't think i fully understand your problem)

It's like in an active desktop widget.  The little 16X16 picture isn't on the front desktop, it's on the background.  Sorry for the ambiguity.


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