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It seems to me there is a vast, rich and untapped resource here at DC.  I wonder if there is some way we could brainstorm about how to make a list or something that would centralize the info.

isn't this like the 'my favourite software' thread?

Well, maybe, but I was thinking more of a grid-type display that would be concise.

farmy, you haven't made a post containing your original list over at the other thread???????????

Maybe this should be the "My fav DC app" thread?

Which in that case, I would have to say mine isn't an app at all. It's the Dina font. I couldn't live without that. That is the one thing that gets the most use on my pc, other than a few apps that I have made.

DYDLO got a lot of use when I was on dialup because it was better at disconnecting me faster than the normal way of doing things, and after an Explorer crash it was the only way I could get offline without rebooting.

And I also use Renegade's Floating Ruler a lot.

and BrowserTraySwitch.


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