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IDEA: An "Alt+Tab"-type clipboard utility

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CoMiKe wrote at another forum:

What about a clipboard manager where Ctrl+V works in a similar way to the Alt+Tab dialog?
I mean, so that Ctrl+V shows a dialog that remains visible while the Ctrl key is down, and every "V" keypress cycles down a list (or stack) of previously copied elements. And the element is pasted when the Ctrl key is released.

Since this is exactly what I've been looking for without effect for a long time, I took the liberty to post it here on his and my behalf.  :)

Well...It sounds like you need a clipboard manager (make a search here in the forum, there are several of them).
One example is mouser's Clipboard Help and Spell.
This kind of applications are quite complete, but usually they use another different key to cycle through the clips. (on chs, you can use ctrl-alt-q which will show you the latest clipboard contents).

A more similar solution for your problem is skrommel's ClipStep, which does almost exactly what you asked for, except that it only shows the currently selected clip and not all of them at the same time. Give it a try, if you'd like it to have other features, you can always post and ask skrommel if he can add it! ;)

Thank you very much. It seems ClipStep is almost what I was looking for. Let's wait for CoMiKe's opinion.  :)

As always... Glad to be of assistance ;)
Don't forget to post if you have new ideas for it!

 :) I've been planning to add this option to ClipStep now that AHK can handle images better, but I haven't gotten around to it.



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