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startup/tasks manager?

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Hmmm... that is bad, really bad. They give those people paying $19.95 for the utilities free access to the on-line version of the magazine but not the other way around for people (presumably) paying much more for the print version of the mag. Actually, it is not so much bad as just plain ridiculous (=STUPID!). Anyway, I purchased a subscription to the apps when I was still running a machine with win98 and found that I used a good number of them. I felt that I would have paid 19.95 for any single one of them so didn't mind shelling that amount out for unfettered access to the entire catalogue. Now I'm on WinXP and Win2k and find that I am not using ANY of them. I had already decided not to renew but have now had that decision reinforced by Mouser's comment.

Live and learn.

in all fairness, darwin, you're point about the price is well taken -
the pc mag library of software includes some very good utils, and all things considered its an excellent bargain.
i just really expected that if i subscribed to the print magazine they would be nice enough to grant access to library.

by the way, althought it is a subscription based thing, you can just sign up for a short period of time and you can download all their current files and use forever.  when the subscription runs out it just means you won't be able to get any new programs - the old ones dont expire.

again, they are good programs, and it is a very good bargain - it's was just hard to stomach going from freeware to not giving acccess to paying magazine subscribers that really rubbed me the wrong way, especially with their magazine getting thinner and thinner each year..

But all these pcmag utilities were developed by someone else and they are the ones that should benefit from the subscription payment. Startup cop was initially developed by AnalogX.
I failed to mention that I bought the subscription, downloaded startup cop and was never able to login again ever. I tried to get some support but that was about as easy as looking at my own asshole without a mirror. So I gave up, they did want to know if I wanted to renew so I said 'kiss it cos I can't!'

Love the imagery (on reflection, do I? Hmm... maybe not, but funny nonetheless) of "trying to look at my own asshole without a mirror". Best laugh of the day!

Do you know your username and password for PCMag? If so, do you run any sort of download manager and/or an Internet privacy service (Ghostsurf, Ad-muncher, Anonymizer, etc.)? If you do, PCMag is really finicky about this - you'll get a useless 12 byte file called something like 0~00 if you try to use a download manager, for example. Anyway, I've had troubles logging in in the past, which I've been able to resolve. If you want to post more details about your specific problem I *might* be able to help... You can contact me off the forum, too, if you'd prefer, or if you think that would be more appropriate.

I use admuncher so maybe that was it. Anyway, my 12 month subscription of no access is long over but thanks for the offer.


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