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startup/tasks manager?

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winpatrol looks very interesting. I've heard good things about it as a spyware detector but it does have access to an online database and is reasonably priced.
I shall investigate further, good luck with lateral thinking!

I've been really happy with Startup Cop Pro by pc magazine; it used to be free before they moved to a god awful subscription based access to their software :(

I'd forgotten about Startup Cop Pro. I have a copy but don't have it installed (though I did play around with it and was impressed). There are some very nice features with the latest version... Anyway, you can buy PC Mag's apps for $5 each, if you don't have a subscription (the subscription is $19.95 a year and comes with full access to the magazine on line as well, not that I've found that very useful, given the nightmare organisation of the website....).

I suggest also Sysinternals freeware tools for such issues:

for task manager => Process Explorer

for startup manager => Autoruns

and check out Filemon
and  Regmon
and PSTools
 too if u need such things :)

sysinternals tools are in a class by themselves.

but i didn't know about Autoruns - great find!

though i'd still recommend a simpler streamlined tool for day-to-day checking of startup entries;
what i like about startup cop is how easy it is to identify new programs that have added themselves to startup.


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