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Question- Lost folder view after win2k update


Hi all does anyone know why I would have lost the folder view in win explorer after updating windows 2k?
I rarely use explorer anymore, but when I do I use the folder (in sidebar) view exclusively, so this really kind of stinks.  Any suggestions?

there is a button on toolbar (folders)  to bring it back :)

I think you misunderstood,  The pane is still there, but it is all grey, as in VisualBasic app window grey.  The close button is ther, on the top right corner of the pane, and the grippie is there, but the hollowed out part where "web Content, or folders is supposed to be is solid and un-hollowed out in the folder view setting See attached .png (thanks Screenshot Captor)

omg i've never seen such a thing. not good.
have you tried rebooting?

Strangely enough......
 yes a few times, but,   I read I believe it was your post, about superior SU, installed it had to create a second user and in the explorer shell it was there??   I swaped back to my blackbox shell still logged on as me and it was back the way it is supposed to be. Amazing. thanks for the link will post in that topic too.


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