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Need some help with VB5

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I need some help with getting simultaneous sounds to play and I can't make it work.

VB5 does not support multithreading.  Visual Basic is an apartment threaded environment and to get even something close to multithreaded* would not be for the faint at heart.

* - You could create an ActiveX EXE which would run in its own process space but you would need to use some sort of callbacks if this will run async.  This too may be too complex for ya.

Whether a computer can handle somthing or not is not the question.  The question / answer is whether the development environment or devloper can handle it.

(does a computer play sounds ontop of each other?  If I run Winamp and Media Player only one can play their sound at a time)

Alright, I have limitations I was not anticipating, but I have to do something.  The user has to depend on hearing the sounds fast, sharp and clear.  What would you suggest? 

Keep it short and let it finish.

Visual Basic can do a lot but making it do certain things is just not worth the effort.  True multithreading is one of those things.

In fact all of my applications had been written in VB6 - not too shabby.

Ok... I'll see what I can do to match these shortcomings.  Thanks for the help, though! :Thmbsup:


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