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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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thanks john, i should have a new alpha out this week with some fixes including this one.

I know it's late for new feature requests - but I find myself typing a lot of command strings multiple times.  I use FARR as my main launcher (for programs, files and websites) and it would be really handy if as well as FARR doing its search of files, folders, aliases, it also searched its own history.

So say yesterday I opened a PowerPoint file and I want to open it again today - it would display both the matching files (as it normally does) and yesterday's entry so I can launch it again quickly.  As an alternative - you might want to introduce an alias like +hist which searches the history and matches the next string with something in the history.

Thanks again for a really great launcher.


It already does search its own history :) Have a look at the Launch History tab. Maybe you'll want to increase history related entries in the Heuristic Scoring section of the advanced options. This way matches from your history will get more priority.

Ah gotcha - but it doesn't work with aliases (or at least one in particular) ... ??  :(

For example: I type and it finds the alias "surf" and quite rightly launches the webpage - hooray.  So I start typing "http://news" again and I would expect it to find the "" that I typed in earlier - but it doesn't find anything.

Am I missing something or is there a restriction about which type of history is searched?


Actually, good thing you mention history.
I think that this bug related to searching in farr's history still presists...


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