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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Doesn't seem to work. If I don't include the wildcard, it doesn't exclude the files.

But wouldn't it be more consistent to have directory exclusions on the same page as directory inclusions, rather than on the page with pattern scoring?

But wouldn't it be more consistent to have directory exclusions on the same page as directory inclusions, rather than on the page with pattern scoring?
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yes, i will think about doing this. it would make it more efficient too.  in this thinking, each directory listed would also have:
1) checkbox for saying whether to search recursive, and perhaps a recursion depth limit.
2) list of sub directories to exclude

Sounds like a good plan. A recursion depth limit would not usually be needed, but I can think of some places where it would be useful.

I was playing with FARR and accidently changed the skin I was using 'slenderfarr'. Soon I did that, the issue described earlier is gone. Alias searches are no longer slow and I'm happy with it now. However, I hit a new strange issue that I was able to duplicate on my existing install as well as a fresh one i.e. renaming my existing ini file. I have a search folder for 'my documents' with a modifier listed as 'md'. When I search using '+md budget', for instances, FARR hangs and turns blanco for about 5-7 seconds and eventually search results display. If I search using 'budget +md' it works fine with no delays. I have several modifiers and it looks like it only happens with the +md one if you start with the modifier first.

Can you confirm this behavior please.

v2.00.83 (and previous)

This a wacky but seriously irritating (at least to me!) bug that I haven't reported earlier because it is somewhat difficult to duplicate and I don't know exactly what triggers it.  I've discovered some additional information so I decided to report it hoping that someone else besides myself has experienced it.

Every once in while, I start FARR and I'm not able to type anything at all.  For me, the computer just beeps every time I type a character.  The only way to get out of "input barrier" loop is to hit the Escape key or click on the Close button and restart FARR.  I don't actually restart the program.  The FARR window is closed and then reactivated when I enter the FARR hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+Break for me).

Stay with me...

I recently discovered that when I type certain characters (while this bug is occurring), the computer doesn't beep.  For example, when I type the letters "A" or "C" the computer doesn't beep.  This gave me a clue that the program was attempting to receive a keyboard shortcut.  Out of curiosity I typed the letter "O" -- the "Options" dialog popped up!

Long story not so long.  When this bug is occurring, it is the equivalent of the ALT key being pressed down while you're typing.  Only keyboard shortcuts (or other ALT-based hotkeys) are active.

Like I said, this bug is difficult to duplicate.  I would estimate that this bug shows it's ugly head 1 out of 15 to 20 runs.  I think that something from a previous run triggers it but so far, I haven't been able figure out what.

Thank you for your consideration.


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