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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Thanks for the +sall modifier! It's great. :Thmbsup:
Seems that the last launch history bug (last char stripped off) is gone.  :)
But there is an other bug relating to launch history and +\-modifier. While e.g.  c:\windows\notepad.exe is in lauch history, upon search "+\ note" the following result is shown:

Same result with "note +\".
I wasn't able to achieve this the other way around with +.-modifier and getting folder as results. So it is maybe purely related to the handling of folder.
While checking this and playing around with names, I created a folder called "notes.exe". As a result for the search "notes +\", FARR shows "notes" and strips off the ".exe" as it thinks it is an extension (but not showing exe in extension column ;)) But internally FARR knows the right folder name:

Same applies to a folder called notes.exe.exe, where result shows notes.exe and last .exe is stripped off too.
Sure. A foldername like notes.exe seems strange, but same applies to names like e.g. Backup_V1.1, which IMHO aren't uncommon.  :(

it is me again, my issue was resolved with 59 but got broken altogether with 60. Now, the '+' alias modifier does not work at all, not at the beginning of line or elsewhere. If I may ask that you take a look please.

Execuse me mouser...
ignore my previous post. I reinstalled the latest ...60 and it works fine. My fault.

what is the +sall modifier! ?

+sall ignores "max. entries in result list" limit, which is set in "options->interface".
It's perfect when you normally want FARR to display only 9 results (as this is the maximum for direct launch via e.g. F#), but sometimes, e.g. when searching a specific .doc, to display all results.

An explanation, which I still cannot find is what "max. entries to display in extended result list" means?  :-\

So mouser can bring us some enlightment.  ;)

- virtual launch string COPYCLIP prefixes the clipboardtext with "ip":
e.g. executed: copyclip Hello world -> in clipboard:  ip Hello world

-regular expression aliases as search templates with DOSEARCH still ignores result list limits


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