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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Mouser... I think another bug. I don't use aliases that much (yet), and only updated to 2.00.56 last week after a month without updates, so I can't tell you when this bug emerged.

I start my aliases with a period "." and they always used to work fine.

But just now I typed:
intending to invoke my alias
instead FARR brought up the same choices as happens if I just type

Looking forward to a fix, also the fix for FARR's ignoring the first word of a multi-word entry as I reported last week.

Thank you!!

I too would really love to know that secret URL and beta test the new version...

what's cooking? I think you were planing for at least an RC this week. Right?

perhaps mouser is having some unexpected adventures in VistaLand....

I think mouser forgot about farr and is now working on SSC. Just my guess. This was supposed to be in public beta 2 weeks ago :(


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