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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Mouser, would love to trail the new version, thanks!


This is in reference to the bug I reported with FARR v1.13.02.  Here's the post:

    Odd bug after using Numpad key to launch shortcut

Anywho, back in January, you sent me a message to try the new release of FARR to see if the bug was still there.  Although I check the forum every once in a while, I just now noticed the tiny "You have 1 message" link.  Sorry, I didn't know to look for it but now I do.

I just downloaded the lasted alpha release and gave it try/see.  Unfortunately, the problem persists.  With v2.x, the problem occurs when a shortcut or folder is selected.

Thank you for your consideration.  Please let me know if you need any additional information.

thanks jballi, i realllly want to get that bug fixed right away, i hope you will email me so we can correspond and test and get it fixed in next couple of days (email: [email protected]).

I guess my question is, is farr getting confused and behaving differently when the child dir is same name as parent, or is it the case that farr behaves just like any other directory but you want it to behave specially?
-mouser (April 11, 2007, 02:12 PM)
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Yes, FARR behave differently when the child dir is the same name as the parent. If I rename the child dir to anything else FARR work as usual.

Thank you.


can you give me an example of what you type and what it shows when child name is different..


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