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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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Steps to repro that bug :
FARR can't find items in when it is in a folder that contain a folder of the same name. If I am in c:\devel and there is a c:\devel\devel\, I won't be able to see and select anything (but c:\devel\devel - sorry for my unclear explication ).

- Create a c:\test folder
- Create a c:\test\test folder
- Create a c:\test\test\document.txt file
- Type c:\test\ in FARR (don't forget the ending \ )

=> There should be 3 entry : current folder, test, and document.txt
=> I can only see and select the c:\test\test folder
=> Pressing enter will open c:\test\test folder

the current version 2.0.78 have the bug on my two computer.


Dear Mouser,

I really love to use FARR and all my desired improvements are already done before I even recognize that there is a demand. AWESOME!!

For that reasons there is just one little cosmetic wish for me to complete a great piece of software.
Could there be possibly an option to center FARR at the first start. Currently it is positioned anywhere on the screen, but there is no option to re-place it to ease handling.

Thx in advance for your support and your feedback.

- Powerandy -

powerandy it's a good idea. keep in mind that FARR should remember your last position and size for the farr window so that once you set it, you should never have to worry about this again.

the force on top stuff only takes effect on restarting farr, so make sure you exit and restart after you change that setting.

as far as making farr dissapear if you move focus away, it sounds cool but it might be problematic because sometimes you want to drag and drop files into farr.

did you know that you can type the hotkey again to close farr window (or tap escape twice).


Sorry if i didn't reply to your bug reports before --
My memory is that i tried to reproduce them and couldn't reproduce the problem and was able to navigate to child directories with same name as the parent.

I will reproduce your example again and see what i find.

Request: can you try using the tab key to to auto-complete, or the alt+# key to go into the parent directory; it may be that hitting enter is opening the parent directory wheras the others will change to that directory in farr, which i think is what you want.

Or is the problem that you want farr to show the contents of the child directory c:\test\test even when you just type c:\test.  I have to think about this a little since it's not clear to me that farr really should be showing you the contents inside the child directory in this case (until you complete c:\test\test), BUT it is something i could add if people really think i should.  Anyone have any thoughts?

I guess my question is, is farr getting confused and behaving differently when the child dir is same name as parent, or is it the case that farr behaves just like any other directory but you want it to behave specially?


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