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Latest FARR v2.00.140 ALPHA PREVIEW Release - Aug 15, 2007

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thank you for the report warbird -- actually it's a new bug, caused by a change i made to the try to tweak the "ontop" settings of the forms.

i will upload a new fix today or tomorrow.

i've uploaded a new version with skinning disabled in the options -- let's see if this fixes the problem.  redownload at same url and just install over previous version (but make sure it's exited from the tray when you install new version).

Same here ! i noticed it since the last release...

an other thing, i find quite disturbing the fact that FARR searches an alias by name AND autocompletes its name, let me explain :

let's say i have this alias :
Name : launch in different browser
regex : ^open (.*)
action :
Firefox $$c | C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe "$$c"
Opera $$c | ...

to search for it, i can type launch, but then if i use tab to autocomplete it, i have "launch in a different browser" in the edit box which is unusable, since the regex asks for open...
of course, one could choose the word(s) as the regex OR better yet change the regex to ^launch in different browser (.*)

i think that it could be disturbing for other people
maybe you could add a field in the alias edit form, so that we could manually specified what we want ??

Just my two cents ;) keep up the great work  :Thmbsup:

Cheers, nitrix

FARR can't find items in when it is in a folder that contain a folder of the same name. If I am in c:\devel and there is a c:\devel\devel\, I won't be able to see and select anything.
-ecaradec (March 21, 2007, 05:19 AM)
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I got this issue again. I checked the different beta version that I installed and the issue begin between the 2.0.56 and the 2.0.59. The 2.0.56 don't have the issue, the 2.0.59 have the issue.

I have got another problem, FARR seem to have stopped search results in the history. It began between the version 2.0.60 and 2.0.68.
-ecaradec (April 04, 2007, 08:39 AM)
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:P sorry for reposting this but I got no answers about these bugs and they seem pretty severe in my mind. I can repro them on two computers. Am I the only one ?


Another bug :
In the checklist box if you check with the space bar and you close then reopen the setting windows the last item check with the spacebar is not checked.


I'm not clear on this option to 'force FARR window on top...'. Does this mean FARR will show on top and stay on top even if it looses focus? I have it enabled, FARR comes up, but when it looses focus, it simply stays open but its windows moves back vs. just hiding.
Is FARR supposed to completely hide when it looses focus similar to 'close window after lunch'. If not, I think it would be nice to have FARR hide (or close window) when it looses focus too.


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