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DONE: Replacement Power Options applet

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Carol Haynes:
Maybe not a snack but it would be useful.

Currently the Power Options in Control Panel work on the basis of keyboard and mouse activity.

I would like a replacement that works on a CPU threshold not being exceeded for a period (say 5%) - that way I could set Standby or Hibernate when the computer is truly idle - not just when I don't interact personally. That would allow extended processing applications (such as video recoding) to proceed without Power Options kicking in.

Anyone any ideas how to acheive this ?

 :) How about this one?

LowToSleep - Stop a PC from falling asleep until the CPU is inactive.

- Change CPU limit using Settings in the tray menu
- Shows CPU usage in the tray

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.

It just checks the CPU, and if it is above the limit (5 % is default), it sends a keystroke to a hidden control.


Carol Haynes:
Hey great idea - thanks. Nice to see you back  :Thmbsup:

(some pennies on the way)

Carol Haynes:
Follow up:

I am getting an error at line 42 "Can't load icon" which appears repeatedly. See window ...

The value of %icon% looks to be negative everytime and the numerical value doesn't seem to match the actual CPU usage (according to task manager)?

I can see that the INI file allows you to set the delay time in minutes but could it also allow the setting of the frequency of checking (in ms) and also the CPU threshold (as a %).

 :) Man, you must really have a slow computer!

But seriously, what CPU is in there? I've never gotten any negative values, and they correspond very well with Task manager's tray icon. The code is lifted from the Autohotkey site, and noone has reported any anomalies...

I've just uploaded a new LowToSleep that checks if the icon exists, and I've changed the settings to show threshold in % and checking interval in seconds. Remember to delete your existing ini file!

Please keep me informed.



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