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Backup Revision Folder

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If this doesn't meet your needs try Vcom's AutoSave2; it's saved my life several times. Just the other day my Quicken data wouldn't load, and I easily restored the most recent version using AutoSave.

Hi All

v2 is nearly finished, with just some testing to be done.

If this doesn't meet your needs try Vcom's AutoSave2
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Autosave2 is primarily a instant backup program, and although BRF essentially does the same, I added a history log.
Each time BRF detects a file change, the user is prompted to add some comments. These comments are added to a text file (log).
So when things go bad, the user can check the history file to see when they last saved a good copy. My main intention for this app was for when heavy editing of files, I use a dedicated Backup program to save my Main Data, and BRF for when I am busy editing.

this reminds me of a tool called "keepit" ( which was the exact kind of thing you were after
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Yep, thats the sort of application that I was looking for, and if I had found it, I probably would of used it.
But now I am this far, and intend to improve a little as I learn more, I will be in for the long haul.


See top(1st)  post for Version 2

Complete change to version 1,
and will start on a few more features for ver 3, mainly eye candy.

would appreciate if someone can tell me what CPU it consumes, as I have no idea how to test for it other then the usual.


Wow looking amazing  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

I think it's time for you to create a pad file and a proper web page for this.

here's my feedback for your v2

I added a file called "New file" to be monitored. It picked up the changes ok. The "Open run master file" button didn't seem to do anything.

now here are a few items to be taken as constructive criticism :)

* have the option instead of automatic backups to make backups "on demand" (how a normal repository engine would work). When my day is through I want to store the changes

* allow whole folders (with subfolders) to be added for monitoring

* some structure in your "backup" folder will be necessary especially when a lot of items are monitored, eg one subfolder per item tracked

* this keep-it tool would store the revisions into a single compressed file, which isn't a bad idea (eg compound storage)

Anyway it looks like i'm missing the functionality of "keep-it" too much and your tool is catering for different needs. Perhaps I'll write my own one day  8-O

good starting point though!


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