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Tighter integration?


My only complaint with the site so far would be that everything is not tightly integrated and tends to look odd. This leads to the navigation structure being difficult for new members. I do not know how to approach this problem, but it seems as if you have done a great job so far.

these are strictly *my* preferences,
1) a treeview pane like in windows explorer on the left
2) a no-images view to remove the possible clunky/heavy loading? I would call the present look very "buttony" - to some its the best (everyone on the web seems to dig the XP-style buttons and toolbars ), to people like me, its awkward - I prefer the look of or geeklog @

Simple machines has a couple minimalist themes here:;basic_search=minimal

(screenshot: )

Also a wiki-like theme:

and there's also a theme switcher (!!) at :



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