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How to accurately block junk mail? (The Bat and other clients also)

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BayesIT worked fine enough for me, but it was slightly unstable (sometimes I couldn't close TheBat, and sometimes mail receive would timeout in BayesIT code). I've been using (the free version of) AntiSpamSniper for quite a while, and it works a lot better... once you've configured the plugin, you need to "train" it - mark junk mails, select "specials->mark as junk". Pay attention to your "junk mail" folder, mark things that aren't spam as "specials->mark as NOT junk".

Here's what my detection rate currently looks like:
How to accurately block junk mail? (The Bat and other clients also)

Carol Haynes:
Just to compare ... here are my POPfile statistics:

How to accurately block junk mail? (The Bat and other clients also)

but remember POPfile knows nothing about SPAM at all (and doesn't come with any pattern files etc) it just learns what YOU think is SPAM as it works.

To be fair I reset the counter on the date stated in the stats - the software had been installed for about two weeks at that point - so it isn't doing too badly!

Note on the right hand side the term 'buckets'. These are defined by the user and you can set up as many as you like. The concept is very simple - imagine post coming through the letter box - mail is sorted automatically into the buckets. If one ends up in the wrong bucket you simply say which bucket it should be in and the software learns a bit more about what you mean by your preferred bucket contents.

OK, I tried AntiSpamSniper for the Bat, and it worked great for the last few weeks.  So I bought the pro version.  It's a great program.  Other programs probably work fine also, but I liked the fact that this program is integrated with the Bat (plugin, toolbar, etc.).  It works very well, and I LOVE that I have a detailed log of what it does.

Ralf Maximus:
One thing I love about PopFile is its ability to define override rules ("magnets") that bypass the filter for mail you KNOW isn't spam.  So even if my goofy sister sends me something that looks like spam it still makes it through.

At home I used Thunderbird, and I find its built in spam filter works VERY well for me. 

At work I have to use Outlook 2003 (ugh) but I use Spambayes to keep that under control there, I have been very imporessed with it's performance over the couple of years I have used it.  It also has a "proxy" mode so you can use it with other email clients.


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