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How to accurately block junk mail? (The Bat and other clients also)

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I use Spamato. This combines 6 different filtering systems and allows you to specify how many of them must identify a message as spam before it is marked as such. It's been quite accurate and configurable for me. A great addon!

Has anyone else tried this software? I wonder; is the "permissions" based filtering more efficient? I only have a 14 day trial, and so, I sort of need more time...

Anybody know more about the permissions vs bayesian?... which generally produces better results...
-doublewitt (January 11, 2008, 08:03 PM)
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Ask them for more trial time, most shareware authors can help with that.
I wouldn't consider permission based filtering myself, as I would view it as bothering the people that I email with, and other filtering methods work well for me. Yet I can see this method has it's place on the market.
There are people (very small minority) who ignore authorization requests.
You can implement simple permission based system in more powerful email clients too, even if it's not built in, through filtering. For example in Pocomail it would be easy, and I bet some other email clients could do it too.
(Espresso looks neat indeed, judging from the screenshots.)

Carol Haynes:
There are people (very small minority) who ignore authorization requests.
-tamasd (January 12, 2008, 04:19 AM)
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Not such a small minority - individuals can cope with it but if you want to communicate with anyone in business or subscribe to any kind of newsletter (even paid newsletters) etc. forget it they simply won't do it because if it became widely used it would be totally impractical. Imagine a company with 100000 customers has to validate every email sent out?

According to my experience with SpamPal, discussed here, there's no reliable way to filter spam with a single method/filter. In my situation the Bayesian filter gets about 80% of spam, the rest is divided between RegEx and collaborative (P2P) filters. In fact the latter using DCC is becoming more and more useful, especially with the spam of type described here.

Carol Haynes:
I have been wondering about chaining POPfile which has really good Bayesian filtering and Mailwasher which has RegEx rule setting but I haven't managed to get POPfile working with other proxy clients (it works fine at the moment as the only filter on my system but I seem to get into hot water when I try to set up all the ports configuration to get one filter to pass stuff to the next filter).

I also have the Yahoo filter check mail before it even gets off the POP server so I have to check my account every now and then only to check the Junk folder doesn't have anything I want. That is really depressing as I am currently getting over 300 spam emails a day. I could just allow it all to go through POPfile but I don't want to wait 10 minutes everytime I check my email while it downloads tons of rubbish.


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