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How to accurately block junk mail? (The Bat and other clients also)

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I still use K9 in connection with the bat! and it works like a charme

Most of mine is done on the server side of things. :)

Big SpamBayes (FOSS) fan here... use it with Outlook 2003 and only ever see junk mail when I open the folder to check for false-positives. Haven't seen one in months, though I get 20 or more spam e-mails a day over the four pop3 e-mail accounts that I use Outlook to check). SpamBayes also works with other pop3 clients, though I've not tried it with anything else.

I'm a big SpamBayes fan as well. I never had a false positive. I even kept checking for quite a few weeks after the initial one or two week training phase, but no false positive whatsoever.
All in all I save insane time on not having to check junk mail folders anymore.
Yes, I too still get some spam emails, but it takes a second to delete. If I could be bothered with some more training and tweaking, it would for sure go down significantly.

I am trialing this lightweight (USB install and self-contained) eMAIL client called Espresso. I discovered it recently. It uses a "permissions" based filtering technology. So far - so good. Spam is controlled very good so far. It lets you create assorted "mailboxes" to organize your eMAIL database. I like this so far. Has anyone else tried this software? I wonder; is the "permissions" based filtering more efficient? I only have a 14 day trial, and so, I sort of need more time...

Anybody know more about the permissions vs bayesian?... which generally produces better results...


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