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How to accurately block junk mail? (The Bat and other clients also)

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I'm using the Bat, and I have several addresses.  On one of my addresses, and this is rare for me, I'm getting junk mail occasionally.  I'm using the Bayesit plugin that is supposed to handle this stuff pretty well.  But it's one of those junk mails that generates completely different email addresses for the sender (the prefix and suffix of the address is always totally random).  And the message contents are just random words put together, gibberish.  I've been marking the emails as junk and not junk in order to "train" the plugin and doing it for almost a year.  However, no matter how much I train it, it never seems to be able to catch anything.  Is there any way to catch these completely random emails?

Hey Superboyac,

It sounds like some of the mail that you are getting is pretty similar to what I get. I have been using AntiSpamSniper for the Bat ( good success. At first, I wasn't getting any benefit. The developers told me a couple of things to change though and now it catches most of the junk by far. Good Luck!


Thanks KenR, I will try this out tonight.

But does it do anything that the Bayesit plugin can't do, or is it just easier to set up?  Supposedly, the Bayesit plugin can also be trained to work, I just can't figure out how to do it.

You know, After all this time, I'm still not catching anything with the Bayesit plugin for the Bat.  What the hell am I doing wrong?  Every time I get spam, I mark it as junk...yet not once has the program automatically caught a message.  I keep having to mark it.  I don't get this antispam stuff, I don't think it's ever worked for me.  Even at work, with our Groupwise mail, we have a junk filter.  Every time I get a spam, I'll mark it as junk, and has it ever caught anything on its own?  No.  I'm a savvy computer guy, why can't I figure this out?

Carol Haynes:
Try POPFile - let's you filter any way you like but learns your SPAM rules v. quickly as one method of sorting. It uses Bayesian filtering methods and is excellent. See

You can use it with any POP email client.


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