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MX Skype Recorder

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This programs works with Skype software to record your Skype audio conversations

... - can works in automatic mode (you don't need to press "record" or "stop") or manual mode
- automatic compress in mp3 format ( from 8 till 320 kbits) using Lame MP3 Encoder
- can save as wav PCM format
- can record conversations either in single or dual audio track (one channel for input, other for output)
- can work in spy mode (user who uses Skype won't guess that all conversations will be recorded)
- can work with PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone as well as skypecast conversations
- support all versions of Skype and anothet VoIP application...

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Great find! Most app in this category don't really work well and they are all about $20. Have you tested this one?

Great! Thank you!  (again today)   :up:

A donationware skype recorder? THERE IS A GOD AFTER ALL  :o :o :o

 :D Thanks Ken! Mucho aprreciatedo.

Purely as a novice guy especially with Skype I have found this does exactly what it says it does. The longest phone call recorded so far has been 35 mins - it records from the moment the phone at the other end starts ringing so you don't miss a thing. Various settings/options but not many. There is no warning sounds to let the recipient of your call know that you are recording - you decide if this is ethical or not, in which case you have the option of simply telling them (and knowing that you are recording yourself saying so...)
I don't know if there are problems with longer conversations and the files don't get a snazzy id name as you call, but of course you can rename the mp3 file you are left with. The default settings gave me all the quality I wanted but you can change the mp3 quality - don't know how well that works.
Am I happy with this program - oh yes indeedy! 8)
(Note there is a another similarly named prog on that says it is 'free' - it isn't, as you will find when you go to install if you read the setup screen stuff.


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