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Should we add a ratings/vote mod to the forum?

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keep in mind that the ratings wouldn't actually *effect* anything the way they do on digg, but just serve as a way for people to idenitfy popular posts.. BUT.. you have a point.. that's why i ask these questions, to get thoughtfull opinions..

Hey, is this the mouser i know? You are thinking about adding a "wisdom of the crowds" mod to the forum?
WTF... What did those nice aliens do with you? :P

As for my opinion... Usually, a good thread gets lots of posts and views, so a need for an explicit rating might be overkill. I think that maybe a "sort by views" and "sort by replies" might be the best way to go if you really insist on this.
I don't really see a "need" for it, though.

Actually, the idea that jgp states is a great one. Sorting by views or replies is a good way to do this without an official "voting" or "rating" system.

For what it is worth: no to ratings. Look what they did to movies with ratings. You get a dull ex iron curtain or other out  of the way title that appeals to the reviewer sense of justice and the result is a dull movie that gets a 2 or 3 out of 6. (6 is really bad) Mission impossible III got a rating of 4.5. The audience will rate it just by going to view the movie. I agree that the same applies to posts: the more people reply, the more interesting the subject.

i agree with general consensus, ratings will only skew the search results bypassing the contents of a thread. & as f0dder pointed out, the older threads will get left out..

on the other hand, it might be easier for user to locate threads with useful tips/solutions/reviews/workarounds etc. since it has already been verified by the responsible & impartial folks of DC. :) maybe only members at certain levels can be allowed to vote but then it will sound as elitism.. :-\

anyway, as the cliche goes, it's a double-edged sword or something like that. ;) (i know, i suck at cliches). just my 2ยข..


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