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Should we add a ratings/vote mod to the forum?

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Should we add a ratings/vote mod to the forum?
It would let people rate each topic (from 1-5); and show average rating on the posts list.

Pros: fun, easier to find good posts
Cons: might make people feel bad if their posts dont get rated highly.

YES! Add it! This would be a superb addition to the forums!

Then I can finally vote down those GOE threads I never view ;-) hehehehe

I dunno about this - it's usually a bit sucky when added to a forum that has existed for a while. Who's going to go through all the old threads and rate them? This means that possibly superior threads might show up at the bottom of search results, just because newer threads have been rated while the old ones haven't.

Fortunately some of the other problem (read: forum whoreism) that thread rating (or even worse: karma system) can give probably won't happen on DonationCoder, because it's such a unique place. But still: think this through.

Well, with the existed for a while issue, you could add a sort option that allows us to either sort by RATING or sort by date. That would allow us to see threads that would otherwise disappear.

Absolutely NOT!

This is not digg...what are you thinking?

And that is all I am going to say on the matter.  >:(


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